Event 37: $2,500 Eight-Game Mix

Greg Mueller Eliminated in 2nd Place ($167,637)

Greg Mueller


Both players were dealt an ace to start, but David Baker's {A-Hearts} was the bring in. Greg Mueller completed with the {A-Diamonds}, Baker called, and it was off to the turn. Baker had the lead and bet, Mueller called, and Baker proceeded to lead out on fifth.

Mueller, who had 315,000 total, committed and the cards were tables:

Mueller: {3-}{Q-} / {A-}{8-}{4-}{Q-} / {8-}
Baker: {2-}{10-} / {A-}{6-}{7-}{3-} / {5-}

Baker held the lead when the chips went in, and he clinched the victory on sixth. "Good game, David," a resigned Mueller said as he shook hands with his opponent and made his exit in second place, good for $167,637.

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David Baker us 3,577,500 602,500
Greg Mueller ca Välja kukkunud

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