Event 41: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Hortin Makes Tough Call to Climb Over 1 Million

On a completed board reading {10-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{5-Spades}{7-Hearts}{3-Spades}, we found Dylan Hortin in a heads-up pot against Elio Fox. Hortin had a 135,000 bet in front of him and was left with a decision to call, as Fox had raised to 330,000.

Hortin fell deep into the tank, but eventually announced a call.

Fox tabled {A-Hearts}{J-Clubs} and Hortin flipped over {J-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} for tens and sevens and scooped the pot.

Hortin is up to 1,280,000 while Fox has slipped to 420,000.

Žetoonide seisud
Dylan Hortin us 1,280,000 450,000
Elio Fox us 420,000 -365,000

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