Event 42: $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better

Daniel Harmetz Eliminated in 18th Place ($6,884)



Not long after that hand in which Michael Moed was eliminated, Daniel Harmetz just found himself all in on an early street in a Stud-8 hand and facing both Tom Schneider and Timothy Frazin.

Schneider and Frazin bet down to seventh, with Schneider showing {K-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{Q-Spades}. "Kings full," said Schneider at showdown, tabling {K-Clubs}{K-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}, and Frazin mucked. Harmetz showed his hand quickly, but he'd missed a low and couldn't compete with Schneider's high, and he hit the rail.

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