Event 46: $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em

D'Angelo Shines in the Bronze Section; Kalmar is Out

Ryan D'Angelo

Ryan D'Angelo has cashed in 4 World Series of Poker (WSOP) events this year, but his greatest WSOP achievement to date remains his 3rd place finish in the $2,000 version of this event held in 2008. He took home $326,812 in that event after losing out to Marco Johnson and the eventual winner Alexandre Gomes. D'Angelo has just removed another man with a WSOP history. Jon Kalmar will be remembered as the British punk who finished 5th in the WSOP Main Event the year that Jerry Yang took down the title.

The table told us that there were a trio of limpers into the pot that included D'Angelo. Kalmar raised to 725, D'Angelo then raised to 1,850 to clear out the debris, Kalmar moved all-in and D'Angelo called.

Kalmar{Q-} {J-}
D'Angelo{K-} {K-}

The board produced no miracles for Kalmar and he was out. Meanwhile D'Amgelo moved up to 37,000.

Žetoonide seisud
Ryan D'Angelo us 37,000
James Dempsey gb 16,000 8,500
David Vamplew gb 12,400 4,900
Andrea Benelli it 12,000
Michael Greco us 10,000 2,500
David Peters us 8,600 1,100
Bryan Devonshire us 8,600 1,100
Maria Ho us 8,500
Angel Guillen mx 8,400 900
Freddy Deeb us 8,000
Alessandro Longobardi it 8,000
Bryan Pellegrino it 8,000
Pratyush Buddiga us 7,900 400
Shannon Shorr us 7,600 100
David Sands us 7,500 1,600
Andy Frankenberger us 6,500
Jason Senti us 6,000
Martin Staszko cz 5,300 -2,200
Max Silver gb 5,200 -2,300
Pierre Neuville be 4,800 -2,700
David Williams us 4,375
Kory Kilpatrick us 3,400 -4,100
Jon Kalmar Välja kukkunud

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