Event 55: $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop

Trickett Takes a Large Chunk Off Steven


Sam Trickett is getting closer to chip leader Antonio Esfandiari after he just took down a big pot against Brandon Steven.

From early position Trickett raised to 400,000, and Steven three-bet to 1.2 million from the big blind.

The flop came down {Q-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{3-Spades} and Trickett bet 400,000 again. Steven made the call and the turn was the {J-Diamonds}. Tricket wasn't slowing down and fired out 725,000. Steven called again.

On the river the {8-Clubs} hit, and Trickett put even more pressure on Steven as he bet 1,475,000. Steven called quickly and mucked when Trickett turned over {J-Spades}{J-Clubs}.

Steven is now one of the short stacks while Trickett is looking very strong in second place right now.

Sam Trickett gb 21,200,000 4,840,000
Brandon Steven us 3,600,000 -4,975,000

Märksõnad: Brandon StevenSam Trickett

Katz Sent To the Rail

Cary Katz
Cary Katz

Cary Katz moved all in from under the gun for 1.865 million and Phillip Gruissem made the call from the next seat. Everyone else folded and the cards were on their backs.

Katz: {A-Hearts}{J-Hearts}
Gruissem: {A-Spades}{K-Spades}

Katz went in dominated and couldn't pull of the win as the board ran out {K-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{4-Clubs}. He was eliminated in 16th place and the first player to bust after the dinner break. Gruissem moved back over 10 million in chips and right back into the top five.

Philipp Gruissem de 10,800,000 2,300,000
Cary Katz us Välja kukkunud

Märksõnad: Cary KatzPhilipp Gruissem

Laliberté Chips Up Some More


Richard Yong raise under the gun plus one to 460,000 and Guy Laliberté called from the button.

The flop came down {K-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} and Yong bet out 400,000. Laliberté called and the turn was the {2-Hearts}. Yong fired out 850,000 and Laliberté called again.

On the river the {8-Clubs} hit, and both highly businessman checked.

Laliberté showed {9-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} and took down the pot from Yong who tabled {A-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}.

Guy Laliberté ca 15,700,000 1,500,000
Richard Yong my 7,300,000 -700,000

Märksõnad: Guy LalibertéRichard Yong

Baldwin Doubles

Bobby Baldwin
Bobby Baldwin

Bobby Baldwin raised to 600,000 from the cutoff seat and Philipp Gruissem reraised to 4.2 million to put Baldwin all in. Baldwin called with the {A-Hearts}{J-Spades} and Gruissem held the {7-Diamonds}{7-Spades}.

The flop, turn and river ran out {J-Spades}{6-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} and Baldwin doubled up. He was all in for 3.475 million and doubled to

Philipp Gruissem de 8,500,000 -3,800,000
Bobby Baldwin us 7,290,000 3,090,000

Märksõnad: Philipp GruissemBobby Baldwin

Small One For Guy


Guy Laliberté is doing very well and he just picked up another pot.

Frederic Banjout limped from the cutoff and Laliberté called from the small blind. Roland De Wolfe was in the big blind and he checked his option.

The flop came down {J-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{7-Hearts} and Laliberté picked up the pot with a 500,000 chip bet.

Guy Laliberté ca 14,200,000 235,000

Märksõnad: Guy Laliberté

De Wolfe Survives on The River


Roland De Wolfe raised to 500,000 from middle position and Frederic Banjout defended from the big blind.

The flop came down {8-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{10-Spades} and Banjout checked to De Wolfe who bet a cool million. Banjout put his opponent all in, and De Wolfe called off for a total of 3.29 million.

Roland De Wolfe{K-Hearts}{K-Spades}
Frederic Banjout{8-Clubs}{6-Spades}

The turn was the {A-Clubs}, and De Wolfe picked up some more outs. He needed a king, ten or ace in order to survive, and the river was the {A-Hearts}. De Wolfe sat in silence as he just hit a perfect card. He doubled up and has another chance at making a run in this tournament.

Roland De Wolfe gb 7,860,000 3,160,000
Frederic Banjout 4,800,000 -3,610,000

Märksõnad: Roland De WolfeFrederic Banjout

Good Restart for Hellmuth


Philipp Gruissem raised to 425,000 from late position and Phil Hellmuth called from the small blind. Brandon Steven was in the big blind and he called as well.

The flop came down {10-Spades}{9-Hearts}{5-Spades} and all three players checked. The turn was the {K-Spades} and Hellmuth checked to Steven who bet 525,000. Gruissem tossed his cards into the muck, and Hellmuth raised it up to 1,105,000. Steven called.

The river was the {9-Clubs} and Hellmuth quickly fired out a 950,000-chip bet. Steven tanked for around two minutes, but eventually he released his cards.

Philipp Gruissem de 12,300,000 -340,000
Brandon Steven us 8,575,000 -1,490,000
Phil Hellmuth us 7,900,000 3,255,000

Märksõnad: Philipp GruissemBrandon StevenPhil Hellmuth

This One Could've Been Bigger


"I didn't wanna flip for the whole thing," Antonio Esfandiari said after just winning a decent pot off Richard Yong when someone asked him why the money didn't go all in pre flop.

The action went as following.

From the small blind Esfandiari raised it up to 550,000 and Yong three-bet to 1,500,000. Esfandiari called and the flop came down {Q-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}. Esfandiari check-called 1.2 million and the turn, the {5-Diamonds}, and river, the {8-Clubs}, were checked.

Yong showed {A-Spades}{K-Clubs} and lost against Esfandiari's {10-Spades}{10-Diamonds}.

Antonio Esfandiari us 26,100,000 2,900,000
Richard Yong my 8,000,000 -1,550,000

Märksõnad: Antonio EsfandiariRichard Yong

Top Pair, Jack Kicker for Yong


From middle position, Roland De Wolfe raised to 450,000. Richard Yong reraised from the button to 950,000 and De Wolfe called.

The flop came down {A-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} and De Wolfe checked. Yong fired 400,000 and De Wolfe called to see the turn.

The {6-Clubs} came on fourth street and both players checked to see the {3-Clubs} land on the river. Both players checked again.

Yong showed the {A-Hearts}{J-Hearts} for top pair and De Wolfe mucked.

Richard Yong my 9,550,000 -1,215,000
Roland De Wolfe gb 4,700,000 -1,100,000

Märksõnad: Richard YongDe Wolfe