Event 56: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Tayfeh Takes Down A Big Pot


We didn't catch the action, but we saw that Mohsen Tayfeh eliminated a player in a big pot that propelled him to the top of the leaderboard. The board ran down {7-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}{a-Clubs}, and Tayfeh had {a-Spades}{k-Hearts} in front of him for a pair of aces. His opponent held {k-Clubs}{q-Clubs} for a pair of queens, which wasn't good enough.

After Tayfeh stacked up his mountain of chips, we saw that he was up to 160,000.

Mängija Žetoonid Progress
Mohsen Tayfeh
Mohsen Tayfeh
160,000 89,100

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