Event 58: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better

Omaha Eight Champ Doing Fine

Nick Binger

When Nick Binger won his bracelet in this form of poker last year, he took home a very nice $397,073 - a little more than what today's event will pay the eventual champion. If Binger is able to win this event event, he would join the elite club of players with 2 World Series of Poker gold bracelets and see his lifetime tournament winnings soar past $2.5 million. Well, its so far so good for Binger, managing to see his stack increase to around 30,000.

We recently watched Binger take down a hand against one opponent. It was a raised pot that saw Binger and this player take to a {4-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} flop. Binger led for 3,000 her and his opponent called. When the {a-Clubs} hit the turn, Binger would take his time before betting 5,000. That was enough to see his opponent's cards into the muck as Binger raked in a few chips.

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Nick Binger us
Nick Binger
us 30,000 10,000

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