Event 58: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better

Who's Around the Tables

• Tase 1: 25-50, 0 ante

These are some of the players who have been spotted at the tables early here on Day 1. A few have used their lammers early and sit with stacks of 6,000 or 9,000 in front of them, while a lot have decided to hold onto them for now and sit with just 3,000. We expect a huge amount of players to late register this event during the first four levels.

  • Gabriel Nassif
  • Martin Staszko
  • Alexander Kravchenko
  • Nam Le
  • Tom Schneider
  • Bill Chen
  • Brett Richey
  • Greg Raymer
  • David Bach
  • Robert Mizrachi
  • Ben Yu
  • Mike Binger
  • David Williams
  • Erick Lindgren
  • Huck Seed
  • Jeff Lisandro
  • Noah Boeken
  • Dario Alioto
  • Bryan Devonshire
  • Jon Turner
  • Scott Clements
  • Jennifer Tilly


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