Event 59: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

International Studies with Sam Grizzle

Sam Grizzle

"This here's an international table."

So said Sam Grizzle, half-standing, half-sitting in his chair. Grizzle has been steadily accumulating chips here on Day 1a. He's also been accumulating new acquaintances from all across the globe. As will happen at the World Series of Poker, where players come from all over.

"I mean we got France, Germany, England," he continued, pointing one by one to his opponents. The latter — one of the English players — had just open-raised from middle position, and when the table folded around he flashed one card to his side of the table.

"And that was the bad one," said the player with a grin. "What was it?" asked one who didn't see the player's card.

"'What was it?'" said Grizzle. "That's a funny question," he added. He'd seen the player had shown a face card. "He showed the deuce," suggested Grizzle with a smirk, then turned his attention back to international matters.

"So what kind of food y'all eat?" he asked.

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