Event 60: $10,000 2-7 Draw Lowball (No-Limit)

Juanda Is Too Good


After John Juanda won this event last year, the overwhelming consensus in the poker world seemed to be "no surprise there he's the best in the world at this game." Well today's he's proving that right, as he has just taken the chip lead in the last level of the night.

Action started with Juanda raising it up to 2,025 in on the button. He was then faced with a three-bet to 8,025 from the small blind, and after about a minute of thought, he tossed in the call. The small blind stood pat, while Juanda drew one card.

The small blind quickly checked, and Juanda squeezed his cards about six times before announcing all in. His opponent immediately flung his cards toward the dealer in anger, giving the pot to Juanda. After his opponent folded, Juanda lifted his cards up, and slowly squeezed out {4-}...{5-}...{6-}...{7-}...{8-}. For those following along at home, that hand is no good, as straights count again you in 2-7. No matter for Juanda though, as he takes the pot, upping his stack to 108,000.

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John Juanda id
John Juanda
id 108,000 38,000

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