Event 60: $10,000 2-7 Draw Lowball (No-Limit)

Bechtel Doubles Through Watson

We found 1993 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Jim Bechtel move the last of his chips all in against a raise from Michael Watson. Bechtel took one card at the draw while Watson remained pat and tabled {10-}{8-}{7-}{5-}{4-}.

Bechtel fanned {7-}{5-}{4-}{2-} for a nut draw and peered at his new card. He flipped up the {10-Hearts}, making a better ten low than Watson, and was able to double up.

Žetoonide seisud
Jim Bechtel us 64,000 64,000
Michael Watson ca 5,200 -65,800

Märksõnad: Jim BechtelMichael Watson


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