Event 60: $10,000 2-7 Draw Lowball (No-Limit)

Negreanu Crippled

Daniel Negreanu made it 14,500 from the button and George Danzer called from the small blind. John Juanda mucked from the big blind and the two players were heads up to the draw.


Danzer fired out 28,000 only to have Negreanu make it 73,000 to go. Danzer quickly called.

"You've got it," said Negreanu. Dazner fanned an eighty-seven, showing {8-}{7-}{6-}{4-}{2-}.

Negreanu showed {2-}{2-}{2-}{7-}.

"Had your blockers," said Negreanu. "Ugh. That was the first bluff of the tournament! I'm 0 for one on bluffs!"

"And I don't think he's going to quit at one," Juanda added. The table all laughed and despite the laughter, Negreanu's stack is looking suddenly bleak at only 66,000.

Mängija Žetoonid Progress
George Danzer de
George Danzer
de 335,000 75,000
Daniel Negreanu ca
Daniel Negreanu
ca 66,000 -96,000

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