Event 60: $10,000 2-7 Draw Lowball (No-Limit)

Eight Hundred or One-Thousand? Part Two

• Tase 6: 250-500, 125 ante

There are still complaints buzzing around the room about the earlier mentioned rule where two t500 chips tossed into the pot count as a bring in of 800. Some players took to Twitter to protest or criticize this rule

Bleznick Doubles Through Hall


Action started with a player in middle position raising to 1,000. It folded around to Jared Bleznick, and he moved all in for 7,600. Galen Hall was next to act, and after about 20 seconds of thinking, he made the call. The original raiser folded, and the two were heads up.

Hall stood pat, while Bleznick drew one. Hall rolled over {10-}{8-}{5-}{4-}{2-}, and Bleznick showed {8-}{6-}{3-}{2-}. Bleznick was drawing thin, and he started to get out of his seat as he flipped his card over. However, he caught one of his gin cards, a {4-}, and he made an eighty-six to stay alive. Meanwhile, Hall drops down to 22,000.

Galen Hall us 22,000 16,500
Jared Bleznick us 17,000

Märksõnad: Jared BleznickGalen Hall

Danzer Wins Big Pot Off Greenstein


There was already around 23,000 in the middle when we got to the table. Barry Greenstein and George Danzer were heads up, and the draws had already occurred.

Greenstein had fired out a bet of 15,000, and Danzer was in the tank. He was thinking for about a minute while we were there, and we're not sure how long he was thinking before that, but eventually, Joe Tehan called the clock. The floor came over to start the clock, and after about 15 seconds, he tossed in the call. Greenstein immediately mucked his hand face down, and Danzer showed {9-}{8-}{6-}{4-}{3-}.

After that pot, Danzer is up to 68,000, while Greenstein plummets to under 10,000.

George Danzer de 68,000 49,500
Barry Greenstein us 9,200 -31,800

Märksõnad: George DanzerBarry Greenstein

Habib Victorious

Action folded to Hasan Habib's button and he raised to an unknown amount. Galen Hall three-bet from the big blind to 3,600 and Habib called. Hall stood pat and Habib drew one card.

Hall fired out after the draw with a bet of 4,225. Habib looked at his cards and quickly called. A frustrated Hall flung his hand into the muck immediately before Habib could even table his.

Habib showed the {9-}{8-}{6-}{4-}{3-} showing that he made his low and was able to drag in the pot, knocking Hall down to 13,000.

Hasan Habib us 48,000 21,500

Märksõnad: Galen HallHasan Habib

Brown Out

We arrived at the table to see Chad Brown walking away while Todd Brunson stacked chips, so we can only assume that Brown fell at the hands of the bracelet winner.

Todd Brunson us 41,000 11,000
Chad Brown us Välja kukkunud

Märksõnad: Todd BrunsonChad Brown

Schneider vs. Hellmuth Round 2

We recently saw Tom Schneider victorious over Phil Hellmuth in a pot and by the time we got back out on to the floor the two were battling again. We caught up to see Schneider draw one card while Hellmuth stood pat.

Schneider led out for 6,000 after the draw and Hellmuth quickly called. In one sleek motion Schneider instantly tabled {8-}{7-}{5-}{4-}{3-}.

Hellmuth was livid, showing {10-}{8-}{6-}{3-}{2-}.

"This is exactly what you did to me the year you won player of the year!" said Hellmuth. "I'd be getting dealt nines and you'd make eights. Must be pretty sweet!"

With that loss Hellmuth is on life support with only 5,500 in chips.

Tom Schneider us 64,000 7,000
Phil Hellmuth us 5,500 -12,500

Märksõnad: Phil HellmuthTom Schneider

Grinder Gone


Phil Hellmuth started the action by raising in early position to 1,000. Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi was next to act, and he moved all in for 4,200 more. It was back to Hellmuth, and after thinking for 10 seconds, Mizrachi said "come on Phil let's gamble!" That seemed to work for Hellmuth, as he tossed in the call.

Hellmuth drew two, while Mizrachi stood pat, and tabled {j-}{9-}{8-}{6-}{2-}. Hellmuth showed {8-}{7-}{2-}, and would need help to secure the knockout. The first card he rolled over was a {10-}, giving him a nine, six, five, four, or three for outs to win the pot. "Oh my god I got there" said Hellmuth as he rolled over a {4-}. "Unbelievable" Mizrachi said in a half joking half not joking manner as he headed to the rail.

Phil Hellmuth us 18,000 6,000
Michael Mizrachi us Välja kukkunud

Märksõnad: Michael MizrachiPhil Hellmuth

Schneider's Ten Is Best

An early position player opened to 1,200 and received calls from Tom Schneider in the small blind and Phil Hellmuth in the big. All three players drew one card and Schneider checked.

Hellmuth bet out 2,800 and the original raiser preflop called. Schneider studied his hand before also calling this bet.

"Ten-eight-six-four-deuce," said Hellmuth aloud. The original raiser tabled a ten-nine and Hellmuth had the best hand so far.

However, Schneider flipped up {10-}{7-}{6-}{3-}{2-} and his ten-seven was able to scoop the pot. After the hand all Hellmuth could say was "Wow".

Tom Schneider us 57,000 13,000
Phil Hellmuth us 12,000 -800

Märksõnad: Tom SchneiderPhil Hellmuth