Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Kuether Can't Call

Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger opened to 500 from under the gun and found one caller directly behind him in Joe Kuether - who recently placed third in Event 54: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em.

The flop came {J-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} and Lichtenberger tossed out a c-bet to 600. Kuether responded by raising to 1,550 and, after some thought, Lichtenberger made the call.

Both players checked the {7-Clubs} turn, however, when the {8-Hearts} completed the board, Lichtenberger fired for 2,200. Kuether slid his hand to the muck and Lichtenberger scooped the pot.

Lichtenberger is sitting right around the starting stack, while Kuether has 38,000 following the hand.

Mängija Žetoonid Progress
Joe Kuether us
Joe Kuether
us 38,000 8,000
Andrew Lichtenberger us
Andrew Lichtenberger
us 30,000

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