Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Moreno Drops Back Under Starting Stack


From under the gun, Tony Moreno raised to 525. His raise was called by the player in the next seat, Peter Rho in the hijack seat, the small blind and the big blind. With five players in action and 2,625 in the pot, the dealer rolled out the {7-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} flop.

Action was checked by the two blinds to Moreno and he bet 1,500. Everyone folded back to the big blind and he made the call with a noticeably shaky hand.

Fourth street was the {6-Diamonds} and the big blind checked. Moreno opted for another bet and fired out 3,000. The big blind fired back with a check-raise to 8,000. Moreno folded and mentioned, "I almost checked."

This is Moreno's first time playing the World Series of Poker Main Event and he's currently sitting with 26,175 in chips.

Žetoonide seisud
Tony Moreno 26,175 -7,525

Märksõnad: Tony MorenoPeter Rho


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