Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Bardah Looking for Another Deep Main Event Run


Ronnie Bardah was one of the 59 bracelet winners from the 2012 World Series of Poker, having won Event 40: $2,500 Limit Hold'em - Six-Handed for over $180,000. He also made a deep run in the Main Event the past two years, finishing 24th in 2010 for $317,161 and 453rd in 2011 for $27,103. All three of those combine for a solid WSOP resumé, one that's complete with earnings over $540,000. Below you will find Bardah's winner interview from Event 40 that he did with PokerNews hostess Sarah Grant.

Beginning Day 2c with 50,225, Bardah's seated in the back corner of the Brasilia Room at Table 90 of the Red Section. He's done well on the day so far and worked his way up to 75,000 in chips. Here are a few recent hands with the newly-crowned bracelet winner.

From the small blind, Bardah raised to 1,400 after action folded to him. The big blind folded and Bardah showed the {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts}, claiming that he wouldn't have minded see a flop with that hand. On the next hand, Bardah opened with a raise to 1,400 on the button. Both blinds folded and Bardah showed an even better hand with the {A-Spades}{Q-Spades}.

Two hands down the road and Bardah raised to 1,300 from the hijack seat before finding a call from Stephanie Dao on the button. The two took the {A-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} flop and Bardah bet 1,400. Dao called and the turn brought the {9-Clubs} to pair the board. Both players checked. After the {4-Diamonds} landed on the river, both Bardah and Dao checked again. Bardah mucked his hand and Dao showed the {K-Spades}{J-Diamonds}, as per WSOP rules the winning hand must be shown.

A few hands after that, Bardah opened from under the gun to 1,350 and the small blind made the call to see the flop come down {9-Spades}{6-Clubs}{4-Hearts}. A simple bet of 1,350 from Bardah after his opponent checked was all he needed to win the hand and take down this pot.

With his experience in making a couple deep runs in the greatest poker tournament in the world, Bardah said that table draw is one of the biggest factors in being able to build on the first few days. "On Day 5, table draw matters, but not so much as everyone is a lot better overall — it's the cream of the crop then. I just want a good table draw for the first three or four days to slowly build, then it's on." If yesterday's Day 2a/b field was any indication, Bardah's table should break sometime after dinner, so the table draw element he talked about will come into play for sure.

Bardah went on to add, "I hope I just get to play 20 days of the Main Event in three years," citing his very deep run in 2010 and cash in 2011. Both times he had to survive through multiple days of grueling tournament poker to earn the money he did and that's what it's going to take once again. Can he do it? Be sure to stay tuned to PokerNews all Main Event long to find out!

Click here to listen to the PokerNews Podcast with Ronnie Bardah during the 2012 WSOP.

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