Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Once Around With Table #369

Johnny Chan Seated at a Stacked Table

Ever wonder what happens in between the many giant confrontational hands that we post? It's a grind for most of the players out there and consistently being able to win small pots is crucial for tournament success. We found a table stacked with notable names and decided to follow this table for one orbit around the table. Here are our findings:

SeatPlayerChips To Start Orbit
Seat 4Dag Martin Mikkelsen120,000
Seat 5Shannon Shorr52,000
Seat 6Andy Frankenberger41,300
Seat 8Johnny Chan28,500
Seat 9Randy Lew107,000

Hand 1 - Randy Lew had the button. Dag Martin Mikkelsen raised to 1,800 from early position and received calls from Shannon Shorr, an unknown opponent, and Johnny Chan from the cutoff. The blinds folded and the flop came down {10-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}.

Mikkelsen put out a continuation bet of 4,700 and just like that three hands were sent sailing into the muck.

Hand 2 - Andy Frankenberger raised to 2,200 from under the gun plus one. It folded around to the player on the button who three-bet to 5,000. Action was back on Frankenberger and he folded his hand.

Hand 3 - Johnny Chan opened to 1,800 and received a call from the button. The two were heads up to see a flop of {10-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}. Both checked and the {8-Clubs} came on fourth street. Chan bet out 2,800 and his opponent called.

The board completed with the {J-Clubs} and Chan tossed out a 5,000 bet. His opponent folded and Chan took down the pot.

Hand 4 - Randy Lew opened to 1,800 and received one call from Dag Martin Mikkelsen on in the small blind. The flop was {10-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{K-Clubs} and Lew continued for 2,400. Mikkelsen folded and Lew took down the pot.

Hand 5 - Action folded to Dag Martin Mikkelsen's button and he raised it up to 1,800. Shannon Shorr folded his small blind and Frankenberger followed suit from the big.

Hand 6 - Randy Lew raised to 1,800 only to have Dag Martin Mikkelsen three-bet to 4,500 from the cutoff. Action was back on Lew and he thought for about thirty seconds before letting go of his cards.

Hand 7 - Action folded around to the small blind who completed. Johnny Chan checked his option from the big blind and the flop came {9-Spades}{A-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}. They both checked and did so once again on the {Q-Clubs} turn. Fifth street was the {6-Spades} and both checked for a third time. Chan's opponent showed {K-Hearts}{6-Clubs} for a rivered pair of sixes and Chan mucked.

Hand 8 - Shannon Shorr made it 1,800 from the hijack and Andy Frankenberger called from the cutoff. Johnny Chan and Randy Lew folded from their blinds and the flop came {4-Spades}{5-Spades}{7-Clubs}. Shorr continued for 2,900 and Frankenberger shook his head and mucked his hand.

Hand 9 - Johnny Chan had the button. Shannon Shorr raised to 1,800 and action folded around, awarding him the pot.

So there you have it. Nothing too substantial and a lot of raise and takes. This is fairly standard for long winded and deep stacked tournament play. Mikkelsen was the victor from this orbit, however, increasing his stack by a solid 18,000 in chips.

Mängija Žetoonid Progress
138,000 -18,000
Randy Lew us
Randy Lew
us 107,000 14,000
68,000 35,000
Johnny Chan us
Johnny Chan
us 31,000 -3,000
Andy Frankenberger us
Andy Frankenberger
us 31,000 -13,000

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