Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

An Orbit With Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier

We just watched a full orbit with Jason Mercier and this is how it all panned out. It started with Mercier in the big blind and by the time the orbit was over, Mercier made a small profit and ate plenty of candy skittles.

  • Hand One: Folded to the player on the button, he raised it up to 2,600 and Mercier folded. Back to looking at his phone.
  • Hand Two: Jason Mercier three-bet to 7,200 out of the small blind after a middle position player opened to 2,700. Nobody wanted to rumble and Mercier raked in some chips.
  • Hand Three: When the under the gun player opened it up to 3,300, Mercier folded from the button, along with the rest of the table. Mercier ate a few skittles and bopped his head while wearing his headphones.
  • Hand Four: The dealer accidentally exposed Mercier's {3-Diamonds} and he was given a new hole card. Loaded up on more skittles, he then folded from the cutoff when a player opened to 3,100. For your information, his ended up being the hand that Melanie Weisner busted out on, details of which can be seen below.

  • Hand Five: Another fold, this time from the hijack. More skittles were enjoyed and more time on his phone.
  • Hand Six: Even though Mercier was seemingly not paying attention to the table, he said his first words here, suddenly saying, "six hundred." The small blind had only put out 500 and Mercier picked up on this very quickly. He then shared some skittles with Maurice Hawkins on his left and folded his cards after the player on his right opened the pot.
  • Hand Seven: Again Mercier was seemingly paying more attention to his phone then the table, but spoke his second words of the orbit. "It's a misdeal," said Mercier as the dealer had made a slight mistake that nobody picked up on. He was right and the dealer dealt the cards out again. Mercier then opened this pot to 2,400 and Hawkins called on his left. The player in the cutoff also called and the dealer turned over a {5-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} flop. Mercier threw out a bet of 2,900 here and his two opponents mucked their hands.
  • Hand Eight: As this hand started, Mercier waved to two girls on the rail, one of them being his fiancé. He then opened the pot to 2,400 and no player at the table wanted to play with him and so he picked up the blinds and antes.
  • Hand Nine: He quickly folded his cards from under the gun and went to greet his fiancé.
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Jason Mercier us 132,000 26,000

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