Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Baldwin vs. Somerville

We caught the action on the turn with a board reading {A-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}. Jason Somerville checked to Eric "basebaldy" Baldwin, who put out a bet of 25,000. Somerville not only called that bet, but check-called a bet of 42,500 on the {3-Diamonds} river as well.

Baldwin revealed {10-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} for a flush, which bested the {9-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} flush of Somerville.

Mängija Žetoonid Progress
Jason Somerville us
Jason Somerville
us 510,000 -70,000
Eric Baldwin us
Eric Baldwin
us 320,000 112,000

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