Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Wolpert Sends Hallaert to the Payout Line

Leo Wolpert entered the top ten counts.

Leo Wolpert opened for 20,000 and Kenny Hallaert moved all in from the small blind. Wolpert called and the hands were tabled.

Wolpert: {A-Diamonds} {10-Spades}
Hallaert: {A-Clubs} {K-Hearts}

The board ran {Q-Diamonds} {6-Spades} {5-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds} {3-Diamonds} and Wolpert has one million more than the average stack.

Mängija Žetoonid Progress
Leo Wolpert us
Leo Wolpert
us 1,500,000 385,000
Kenny Hallaert be
Kenny Hallaert
be Välja kukkunud

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