Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

A Costly String Bet

Shahriar Assareh accidentally string-bets

Shahriar Assareh opened to 225,000 from middle position, Robert Corcione three-bet to 550,000 from the hijack seat, and the action folded back to Assareh. He went into the tank for the better part of a minute, then announced, "Raise."

He grabbed 1 million chips with two hands, but only slid one stack of 500,000 forward at a time. As he was sliding the second stack forward, the dealer informed him that he would be forced to min-raise to 875,000, rather than four-bet to 1.225 million as he intended.

Corcione called, and the flop fell {6-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}. Assareh led for 500,000, and Corcione called.

The turn was the {4-Hearts}, and Assareh led out for another 500,000. Corcione called.

The {8-Clubs} completed the board, and once more, Assareh tossed out 500,000. Corcione tanked for nearly a minute, then called.

Assareh turned over {j-Clubs}{j-Spades} for a pair of jacks, but Corcione had that beat with {6-Hearts}{5-Hearts} for a rivered straight.

"It's my fault," Assareh sighed after the hand.

"Yeah," Corcione responded. "If you don't string-bet, I have to fold."

Mängija Žetoonid Progress
Robert Corcione
Robert Corcione
8,400,000 2,440,000
Shahriar Assareh
Shahriar Assareh
4,815,000 -2,785,000

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