Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Pellegrino Bets Out Coultes

We caught up to the action to find a flop of {2-Clubs}{7-Spades}{2-Diamonds} spread in front of two players. The first was Charles Coultes, who is one of several players participating in Onnit Last Sticker Standing Contest. If Coultes, or anyone else sporting the patch happens to be the last person alive in the Main Event, they'll walk away with a cool $5,000.

The second player in the hand was Bryan Pellegrino. Coutles checked to Pelligrino and he bet out 1,150. Coutles called and the turn paired the board for a second time with the {7-Clubs}.

Coultes checked for a second time and Pellegrino kept on firing with a 2,600 bet. Coultes thought for a moment before mucking his hand and awarding Pellegrino the pot. Coultes is still sitting on a healthy stack of 60,000, putting him in contention for the Onnit grand prize.

Bryan Pellegrino 95,000 6,000
Charles Coultes 60,000 -10,000

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Top Top For Ho

Maria Ho
Maria Ho

Maria Ho opened to 750 in the cutoff and was called by the player in the big blind.

The player in the big blind proceeded to check-call bets of 800 on the {9-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{2-Spades} flop and 1,600 on the {8-Hearts} turn before leading for 2,650 on the {3-Hearts} river. Ho called and upon seeing her opponent table {10-Hearts}{9-Spades}, she turned over {A-Clubs}{9-Spades} for a pair of nines with a better kicker.

Maria Ho us 125,000 11,000

Märksõnad: Maria Ho

Breaking Tan

The Tan Section has begun to break, and here is an updated chip count of the remaining players.

Chris Moore 91,000 -19,000
Gaelle Bauman 58,000 -7,000
Scott Abrams 51,000 3,400
Mike McDonald 48,000 1,000
Craig McCorkell 36,000 15,000
Bart Hanson 35,000 1,800
Huy Nguyen 31,600 5,900
Richard Toth hu 31,000 -9,400
Jim Collopy us 29,000 -4,000

Conway and Channing Check It Down

Thomas Conway opened for 700 from middle position and action folded around to Neil Channing, who three-bet to 1,625. It was folded back to Conway, who chucked in a call for a heads-up pot.

Both players then proceeded to check down on the {8-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} flop, {J-Diamonds} turn and {6-Diamonds} river. Conway tabled {5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts} for a baby flush and Channing mucked without showing.

Channing and Conway have both had a fairly successful series this year. Channing had a runner-up finish in Event 43: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em and Conway made two final tables, one in Event 44: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em and another in Event 50: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em.

Neil Channing gb 74,000 -3,000
Thomas Conway 37,000

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Danzer Dusts One

We caught up to find George Danzer calling the all in of a short stacked opponent. Danzer held {J-Spades}{8-Spades} for top pair on a flop of {8-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{3-Clubs}. Danzer's opponent was all in with {A-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} for middle pair and needed help.

He did not receive it, however, as the turn and river fell {4-Clubs} and {2-Spades} respectively. Danzer dragged in the pot as he reduced the field by one player. He's currently sitting on a stack of roughly 74,000 in chips.

George Danzer de 74,000 9,000

Märksõnad: George Danzer

Updated Counts from the Purple and Blue Sections


Here are some updated counts from the Purple Section and the three tables over in Blue. Ville Wahlbeck battled with a short stack for much of post-dinner play, but at last ran out of chips.

Pacome Chavignon 125,500 7,500
Dani Stern 87,500 13,500
Michael Shelton 74,725 1,425
Kevin Vandersmissen 66,300 44,475
Dan Harrington us 57,800 18,800
Barry Greenstein us 55,250 -12,750
Liv Boeree gb 54,800 7,000
Kyle Cheong 53,400 -4,100
Brian Rast 51,000 -17,400
John Wills 43,000 13,200
Stephan Patz 40,000 -6,100
Deanna Dozier 39,175 -275
Mark Thoennes 39,000 -40,500
David Nowling us 39,000 13,200
Mark Gregorich 38,400 -2,750
Gavin Smith 34,600 3,400
Andrew Brokos 33,700 -25,700
Jesse Martin 33,400 20,625
David Diaz us 30,800 900
Chris Tryba us 30,300 -3,050
Layne Flack 28,700 5,100
Sirous Jamshidi 24,650 2,350
Jeff Lisandro 23,150 -5,050
TJ Cloutier 22,600 9,200
James Rann 22,425 -3,375

Loe tervenisti

Selbst Muscles Out Opponent

Vanessa Selbst
Vanessa Selbst

The button raised to 700 preflop and Vanessa Selbst called from the small blind. The big blind also came along for the ride and we had three players to the flop. The dealer spread three cards in the middle of the table and they looked like this, {8-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}.

It was here on the flop that Selbst came out swinging, betting 1,400. The big blind folded and the button flat called.

The {A-Spades} on the turn saw another Selbst bet, this time for 2,700. Again the button paid the river admission price and the dealer felled the last card. The {9-Spades} made its appearance on the felt and for the third time in a row Selbst bet out, this time for 3,700. The button took his time, draining 35 seconds or so off the clock before depositing his cards in the muck.

Vanessa Selbst us 66,000 -2,000

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No Day 2 For Jorgensen


Pokerstars Pro Theo Jorgensen was recently eliminated. Jorgensen stormed onto the scene at the 2008 WSOPE, where he won a Pot-Limit Omaha event for just under 400,000 USD. He also took down the WPT Main Event in Paris in 2010 for 640,000 Euros. Later on that year, he finished 30th in the Main Event, taking home over $250,000. However, he won't be making another deep run this year, as he just wasn't able to get anything going all day. He tweeted the following.

Theo Jorgensen dk Välja kukkunud

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Kyle Cheong Going Strong


Kyle Cheong has had a good Day 1b thus far, bad news for others who like him are participating in the Onnit Last Sticker Standing Contest promotion. The player wearing an Onnit sticker who lasts the longest in the WSOP Main Event will earn half his or her buy-in back — $5,000.

Cheong had built up to more than 80,000 earlier before coming back to the pack, although still sits with a healthy stack of almost 60,000. Of course now he's got an extra challenge in store, as T.J. Cloutier has been moved to his left.

Cloutier knows a thing or two about lasting a long time in these WSOP Main Events, having finished in the top five no less than four times, including twice as runner-up (in 1985 and 2000).

Kyle Cheong 57,500 -25,500
TJ Cloutier 13,400 -13,600

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