Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Good Change of Heart for the Godfather

Earlier today, Doyle Brunson shocked the poker world by tweeting that he would not be taking part in today's World Series of Poker Main Event. Eventually he came to his senses though and it's a good thing he did, because he has managed to accumulate quite the healthy stack late into Day 1c.

Doyle Brunson us 77,000 32,000

Märksõnad: Doyle Brunson

Forrest Forced To Chop

Today just doesn't seem to be Ted Forrest's day.

A short-stacked Forrest limped from middle position it folded to the player in the small blind. He raised to 3,000 and Forrest was his only caller.

The flop came down {7-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{K-Clubs} and Forrest's opponent tossed out a single orange t5,000 chips to put him all in. Forrest called and showed {A-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds} which was ahead of his opponent's {A-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}.

Forrest was in the lead going to the turn when the {3-Clubs} fell. However, unfortunately for Forrest, he was forced to chop up the pot when the {3-Diamonds} paired the board on the river giving each player aces and threes with a king kicker.

Forrest is still sitting on a short stack of about 5,300.

Ted Forrest us 5,300 -1,200

Märksõnad: Ted Forrest

Tilly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids

Jennifer Tilly called the all in of a shorter stacked player before the flop. When the cards were turned over, it was revealed that Tilly and her opponent were racing.

Tilly: {J-Hearts}{J-Spades}
Opponent: {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts}

The flop came down {7-Clubs}{A-Spades}{10-Clubs} and Tilly fell way behind her opponents pair of aces. The {2-Clubs} turn and the {3-Diamonds} river were of no help to her and she was forced to ship 11,775 the way of an opponent. Tilly is currently sitting on 22,000 in chips.

Jennifer Tilly us 22,000 -11,000

Märksõnad: Jennifer Tilly

Blue and Purple Counts

Joe Cada us 117,475 32,475
Daniel Ospina 104,175 28,875
Jeremy Allen 98,000 -41,000
Paul Volpe 87,000 -8,000
Johnny Chan us 84,000 19,700
Scott Freeman 74,200 -13,400
Antonio Esfandiari us 61,300 9,300
Shannon Shorr 45,600 21,400
Nam Le 45,600 12,200
Robert Williamson III 38,150 -13,500
Maria Mayrinck 32,075 12,075
Dan Kelly 31,700 4,450
Jeff Shulman 28,675 -225
David Sands us 21,300 -200
Jared Hamby 20,400 2,150
Eric Wasserson 11,200 -1,900

Mercier Squeezes Out Some Chips


Jason Potter raised to 875 from middle position and the player on the button called. Action then fell on two-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Jason Mercier in the small blind and he three-bet to 2,650. Everyone folded and Mercier won the pot to chip up a little bit.

Jason Mercier us 22,000 3,000

Märksõnad: Jason Mercier

Raghavan Doubles


A series of preflop raises led to Ravi Raghavan all in and at risk for 53,250 holding {A-Spades}{A-Hearts} against an opponent's {A-Diamonds}{K-Spades}. The board ran out a safe {J-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} for Raghavan, giving him a six-figure stack.

Ravi Raghavan 110,000 63,000

Märksõnad: Ravi Raghavan

Pavilion Yellow Counts

Marco Bognanni it 190,000
Lars Bonding 105,000 -10,000
Jake Cody gb 100,000 11,000
Raymond Davis 80,000 43,000
Bryn Kenney us 75,000 -2,000
Burt Boutin 73,000
Leif Force 70,000 -18,000
Rob Aaronson 67,000 7,000
David Plastik 65,000 23,000
Will Failla 60,000 5,000
Nick Schulman us 60,000 3,000
Katie Stone 59,500 -500
Gus Hansen dk 56,500 27,500
Ari Engel ca 54,000 20,000
Abraham Araya 52,000 -28,000
Juan Manuel Pastor es 52,000 -14,000
Ana Marquez 47,000 9,000
Doyle Brunson us 45,000 17,000
Kurt Jewell 40,000 -13,000
Mickey Appleman us 33,000 7,300
Dutch Boyd 28,500 -4,500
Jeff Madsen 26,000 -8,000
Mitch Schock 23,200 -5,300
Dario Minieri it 22,500 6,000
Alex Outhred 22,000 -5,000

Loe tervenisti

Adams On a Roll

The player on the button opened for 1,000 and he was called by the player directly behind him in the small blind. Brandon Adams then squeezed to 3,500 from the big blind. Adams caused the original raiser to fold, however, the player in the small came along for a heads-up pot.

The flop came {8-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} and the player in the small checked - prompting a 4,200 bet from Adams. His opponent tanked hard and re-checked his cards several times.

"I think I'm ahead," he said to Adams.

Adams remained silent.

After about a minute, he finally dropped his hand into the muck - conceding the pot to Adams.

Adams has been on quite a tear today - he is up to 155,000.

Brandon Adams 155,000 35,000

Märksõnad: Brandon Adams