Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Updated Chip Counts from the Brasilia Silver Section

Daniel Negreanu ca 312,000
Vanessa Selbst us 312,000 -13,000
David Diaz us 305,000 50,000
Lawrence Greenberg 240,000
David Peters 207,500 103,500
Maria Ho us 205,000 -45,000
Matthew Berkey 194,000 149,000
Dani Stern us 194,000 64,000
Teddy Sheringham 190,000
Sammy Farha 188,000 -22,000
Mike McDonald ca 180,000 -35,000
Jesse Martin 170,000 136,000
Barny Boatman 162,000 -40,000
Oscar Kemps 152,000 131,500
Ryan Eriquezzo us 145,000
Kyle Cheong 142,000
Jerry Yang 141,000 -1,000
Dan Harrington us 134,100 33,100
Todd Witteles 118,000 -1,000
Dan Shak 115,000 -16,000
Jeremy Saunders 106,000
Mike Schneider us 98,000 37,000
Peter Eastgate 96,500 2,500
Steven Burkholder 82,000
Liv Boeree gb 70,000 -1,000

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Five More in the Amazon Room

• Tase 10: 600-1,200, 200 ante

The Day 2a field in the Amazon Room is just slightly ahead of schedule (due to taking less time to color-up earlier) and therefore the tournament clock has now been stopped and the call for five more hands has been made. Stay tuned for notable end-of-day chip counts.

Negreanu Takes a Hit


Daniel Negreanu opened to 2,800 from middle position, and a player called in the hijack seat. A third player three-bet to 7,100 on the button, and both Negreanu and the player in the hijack called.

The dealer fanned {q-Hearts}{9-Spades}{q-Diamonds}, and the action checked to the player on the button, who fired 6,000. Only Negreanu called.

The turn was the {9-Diamonds}, Negreanu checked again, and the player fired 12,000. Negreanu folded, and dropped down to 312,000 chips.

Daniel Negreanu ca 312,000 -33,000

Märksõnad: Daniel Negreanu

Kolla Flops Top Set to Take Down Monster Pot

Christopher Kolla raised to 2,600 from early position and was called by both the small and big blinds. Action went check-check to Kolla on the {7-Spades}{4-Clubs}{6-Hearts} flop, and he promptly bet 3,800.

The small blind got out of the way while the big check-raised to around 18,000. Kolla, who had the bigger stack, made it 38,000 to go, the big blind four-bet to 76,000, and Kolla moved all in. The big blind shrugged and called off for right around 100,000 total.


Big Blind{7-Hearts}{6-Clubs}

It was a brutal spot for the big blind as he had flopped top two pair only to run it into top set. He needed running cards to stay alive, but the {2-Spades} turn put an end to any hope of that happening. The {4-Spades} was put out on the river for good measure as Kolla was pushed the giant pot.

Unfortunately we didn't get the eliminated player's name, which was understandable as he was fairly upset after the hand.

Christopher Kolla 345,000 130,000

Märksõnad: Christopher Kolla

Lee Applies Pressure


Bernard Lee was faced with a 5,100-chip bet with the board reading {k-Hearts}{10-Spades}{2-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}. Lee opted to raise to 10,700, and his opponent called.

The river was the {a-Diamonds}, and the player led for 17,200. Lee moved all in, having the player well covered, and the player released.

Bernard Lee 220,000 53,000

Märksõnad: Bernard Lee

All That Glitters is Not Gold

Jason Somerville us 327,000 2,000
Nghi Van Tran us 298,000 -7,000
Gavin Smith us 240,000 -5,000
Amnon Filippi 210,000 50,000
Michael Shelton 200,000 67,000
Robert Peltekci 185,000 13,000
Mark Eddleman 165,000 109,000
Lee Childs 160,000 60,000
Jerry Schlichting 137,000 -25,000
Guang Lu 130,000 20,000
Erik Cajelais 122,000 -18,000
Brian Hastings us 120,000 -9,000
Samantha Cohen 120,000 34,000
Kyle Knect 92,000 -28,000
Micah Raskin 80,000 -30,000
Shane Sigsbee 70,000 -30,000
Scott Abrams 60,000
Marco Traniello 52,000 12,000
Mel Judah 52,000 -19,000
Don Fujita 47,000 -3,000
Max Weinberg 34,000 -28,000
Chris Tryba us 30,000 -25,000
Christina Lindley 26,000 -11,000
Barry Greenstein us 23,000 -4,600

Dragon Downs Deeb


Shaun Deeb raised to 3,000 in middle position, David "The Dragon" Pham defended his big blind, and the flop fell {k-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}. Both players checked.

The turn was the {4-Spades}, and Pham led out for 3,800. Deeb called.

The river was the {6-Clubs}, and Pham led again - this time for 5,700. Deeb released, and Pham flashed the {k-Diamonds}.

Despite losing the pot, Deeb is up from when we last counted him, and is still among the Day 2a/b chip leaders.

Shaun Deeb us 440,000 20,000
David Pham 160,000 69,000

Märksõnad: Shaun DeebDavid Pham

Haxton Loses Big One; Still Hanging On

Isaac Haxton has just lost a very large pot and we were there to catch all the action. It started with Haxton opening the pot to 3,000 from under the gun. Marcia Topp was in the seat directly on Haxton's left and quickly three-bet to 6,000. A flurry of cards hit the muck from all directions of the table and it was back on Haxton and he called.

On the {8-Clubs}{8-Spades}{9-Clubs} flop, Haxton check-called a bet of 7,900 and then check-called a bet of 15,000 on the {j-Hearts} turn. Then the dealer flipped over a {q-Clubs} river and the action started heating up.

Haxton again checked here, but then went deep into the tank when Topp bet 25,000. The ESPN cameras came and focused on Haxton as almost two minutes passed. Eventually Haxton said, "Alright, time to look stupid on TV," flicking out the call as he did so.

At showdown, Topp tabled {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs}, for a rivered flush - enough to scoop up the large pot and leave a big dent in Haxton's stack.

"Well, at least i won't be wondering," said Haxton as he played with his chips. There is always a silver lining.

Marcia Topp 250,000
Isaac Haxton us 55,000 26,000

Märksõnad: Isaac Haxton

Haxton Sliding

On a flop of {J-Spades}{7-Clubs}{2-Clubs}, an under-the-gun player bet 9,000 and received a call from Isaac Haxton. The former then bet 14,100 on the {A-Diamonds} turn, Haxton tank-called, and the {2-Spades} peeled off on the river.

The under-the-gun player wasted little time in moving all in, and Haxton snap-folded, dropping to 29,000 in the process.

Isaac Haxton us 29,000 -101,000

Märksõnad: Isaac Haxton

Pollak's Party

• Tase 10: 600-1,200, 200 ante
Kevin Pollak
Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak's table has just made an extensive order of drinks in honor to celebrate completing the night. Along with a green tea with honey Pollak and a few shoulder rubbers will be enjoying a double whiskey neat. With 40 minutes left on the clock let's hope these beverages stay celebratory drinks.

Märksõnad: Kevin Pollak