Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Great Dane Calls it a Day

The Great Dane is gone
The Great Dane is gone

Jesse Sylvia opened to 3,400 from late position, [Removed:205] called on the button, and Gus Hansen three-bet jammed for 20,600 from the big blind. Sylvia tank-folded, but Maasberg made the call.

"I really hate my hand," Hansen announced.

"I don't like mine either," Maasberg admitted, flipping over {6-Diamonds}{6-Spades}.

"That's why," Hansen sighed, turning over {5-Hearts}{5-Clubs}.

The board ran out {q-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{9-Spades}{8-Diamonds}, and Hansen was eliminated.

"Good luck, everybody," Hansen told the table before exiting.

[Removed:205] 165,000 75,000
Gus Hansen dk Välja kukkunud

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Brereton Bounds Up


Luke Brereton has been making his way up the chip count page throughout Day 2c, and just now won a small pot to join Randy Haddox in the 400,000-chip club.

A player in middle position raised, Brereton called from the big blind, and the flop came {K-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}. Both players checked. The turn brought the {Q-Spades} and a bet of 4,000 from Brereton. His opponent thought a few seconds, then called.

The river brought the {K-Diamonds} and a quick bet of 7,800 from Brereton. His opponent thought for more than a minute, then finally called. Brereton turned over {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs} for a Broadway straight, and his opponent mucked.

Luke Brereton 406,000 39,000

Märksõnad: Luke Brereton

Juanda Gets "Lucky;" Scoops Pot

John Juanda
John Juanda

We caught up with the action on a {9-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{A-Clubs} board, where John Juanda was in a heads-up pot.

Juanda's opponent checked from the big blind position and Juanda fired 7,000 from early position. His opponent called.

The {3-Spades} completed the board and Juanda's opponent checked again. Juanda pushed out a stack of orange chips, which was enough to put his opponent all in and he quickly mucked.

"You're super lucky the three came," he told Juanda. "I had two-pair on the turn."

"Nnnnoooooo," Juanda replied in a sarcastic tone as he scooped the pot.

Juanda is up to 160,000.

John Juanda id 160,000 6,000

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Chan vs. Lew

Johnny Chan
Johnny Chan

Randy Lew started the action out in a recent hand by making it 2,600 to see the flop. A middle position player made the call and the hijack player did the same. Next it was on Andy Frankenberger on the button who took about a minute to decide what he wanted to do. In the end Frankenberger threw it away.

The small blind folded and action found itself on a big blinded Johnny Chan. Chan took a few moments and pushed forward a stack of chips for a raise. Chan made it 12,000 and action was back to Lew who took about a minute before announcing "all in". The rest of the table folded back to Chan, who quickly made the call making Lew the one at risk. Cards were turned over, and it was Chan who was well out in front.

Chan: {A-Spades}{A-Diamonds}
Lew: {K-Spades}{k-Hearts}

Lew was going to need to grab hold of something if he wanted to continue his Main Event run. The board came {7-Hearts}{4-Spades}{10-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{5-Spades} and with that Lew's Main Event and World Series of Poker was over.

Johnny Chan us 100,000 12,000
Randy Lew us Välja kukkunud

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Arieh Battling


A player in middle position opened for 2,300, and Josh Arieh leaned over to look at his neighbor's short stack. Arieh's own stack has been up and down today, currently sitting below the 100,000-chip mark.

After some thought, the third-place finisher in the 2004 WSOP Main Event decided to reraise to 6,300, and when it folded back around his opponent let it go.

Josh Arieh us 86,000 -49,000

Märksõnad: Josh Arieh

Breaking Blom

We caught up with the action with the board reading {7-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}. A player checked the action and Viktor Blom bet 9,800 into a pot of over 14,000. Blom's opponent thought for about a minute before calling.

The {A-Hearts} rivered and they both checked. Blom's opponent showed {Q-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds} and Blom mucked his hand. He's currently sitting on about 175,000.

Viktor Blom se 175,000 -25,000

Märksõnad: Viktor Blom

Silly Jackz


Robert Croak, the creative mind behind Silly Bandz, just eliminated a player holding the {j-Spades}{j-Hearts}. The player at risk was all in with {k-}{q-}, and failed to connect with the flop, turn, or river, eliminating him from the 2012 Main Event.

Robert Croak 93,000

Märksõnad: Robert Croak


Play Back Underway

• Tase 9: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Our players have taken their seats. Cards are back in the air!

Final Break

• Tase 9: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Players are now on their final 20-minute break before bagging and tagging for the evening.