Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Here We Go!

[user101598] • Tase 25: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante

Jack Effel just gave the rundown for the day's play. We plan to play down to 27 players with a 20-minute break after every level and a 90-minute dinner break after the third level of play.

The cards are now in the air - good luck to the remaining players!


Keranen Leads as the Final 97 Return for Day 6!

Kyle Keranen
Kyle Keranen

More than a week ago, the 2012 World Series of Poker kicked off the 43rd Annual $10,000 Main Event, which attracted 6,598 players and created a prize pool of $62,021,200. Now, as Day 6 begins, only 97 runners remain, each with their eyes firmly fixed on making the “Octo-Nine” and capturing the $8,527,982 first-place prize.

The man best position to make a deep run is Kyle Keranen, who is sitting on the biggest stack in the room with 6,935,000. Not far behind are Robert Salaburu who finished Day 5 with a stack of 6,195,000, and Taylor Paur, who bagged up 5,820,000.

Joining these men are an eclectic mix of amateurs and pros. David “ODB” Baker (1,360,000) has had a tremendous summer, winning his first gold bracelet and making three other final tables, and now he finds himself in contention for the Main Event title and 2012 Player of the Year honors (he’ll need to finish eighth or better. Another man looking to accomplish an impressive feat is Sam Holden, who is looking to make back-to-back final tables after finishing ninth last year.

Joining these two are Gaelle Baumann (3,980,000), Jan Heitmann (3,410,000), Amnon Filippi (3,400,000), Elisabeth Hille (3,390,000), A.J. Jejelowo (3,340,000), Roland Israelashvili (2,805,000), Marcia Topp (1,700,000), Jason Somerville (1,400,000),Vanessa Selbst (1,350,000), Erik Cajelais (1,180,000), Greg Merson (945,000), and Gavin Smith (675,000).

Here’s a look at the top ten chip counts at the start of Day 6:

Top Ten Chip Counts at the Start of Day 6

1Kyle Keranen6,935,000
2Robert Salaburu6,195,000
3Taylor Paur5,820,000
4Erik Hellman4,715,000
5Wilfried Haerig4,505,000
6Shahriar Assareh4,395,000
7Charles Coultas4,015,000
8Gaelle Baumann3,980,000
9Fabrizio Gonzalez3,935,000
10Nicco Maag3,895,000

Play will resume tomorrow at 12:00 PM PST, which is about 40 minutes from now, so join us then as the final 97 players look to knock off another five levels and hopefully make the top 27!

Day 6 Seating Assignments and Chip Counts

TableSeatPlayerChip Counts
4011Robert Corcione3750000
4012David Balkin1295000
4013Lasell King1740000
4014Vanessa Selbst1165000
4015Alfred Firova995000
4016Max Ovseyevitz755000
4017Scott Anderson1485000
4018Jesse Sylvia2990000
4019Manos Foudoulakis3020000
4051Eric Buchman1930000
4052Casey Yontz1890000
4053Lawrie Gibson2210000
4054Jean-Yves Malherbe3620000
4055Jason Somerville1400000
4056Bobby Law900000
4057Jacob Balsiger3675000
4058Andras Koroknai1720000
4059Greg Merson945000
4091Sam Soverel1680000
4092Fabrizio Gonzalez3935000
4093Jeremy Ausmus3810000
4094Paul Volpe3250000
4095Scott Abrams1255000
4096Felipe Quijano1500000
4097Webber Kang1095000
4098Kyle Keranen6935000
4099John Beauprez2495000
4101Jordan Batt1300000
4102Danny Wong775000
4103Nicco Maag3895000
4104Frederick Vogt55000
4105Amit Makhija1400000
4106Shahriar Assareh4395000
4107Ben Greenberg780000
4109Roman Valerstein1770000
4111Niels van Alphen565000
4112David Warady650000
4113Erik Cajelais1205000
4114Elisabeth Hille3390000
4115Sam Holden765000
4116Paul Siem1055000
4117Andrew Flaherty1550000
4118Kyle Bowker855000
4119William Hefflefinger636000
4141Dave D'Alesandro415000
4142Robert Salaburu6195000
4143Takashi Ogura830000
4144Daniel Strelitz1980000
4145Wilfried Haerig4505000
4146Nicolau Villa Lobos1285000
4147Richard Pyne1400000
4148Charles Coultas4015000
4149Marty Zabib1185000
4161Alban Juen2376000
4162Gwennael Grandmougin1055000
4163Jordi Martinezalonso2700000
4164Fabio Sousa805000
4165Amit Zulkowitz1520000
4166Mazin Khoury1885000
4167Dung Nguyen1880000
4168Jonathan Schoder470000
4169Percy Mahatan2400000
4191Roland Israelashvili2850000
4192Tomas Samol1995000
4193Taylor Paur5820000
4195Steven Gee1815000
4196Leo Wolpert940000
4197Jan Heitmann3410000
4198David Randall710000
4199Nick DiVella1250000
4211Helge Stjernvang1760000
4212Robert Buckenmayer875000
4213Eric Pratt3460000
4214Tristan Clemencon725000
4215Isaac Baron1165000
4216David Kluchman2425000
4217Susie Zhao740000
4218Russell Thomas2095000
4219Arshad Siddiqui1160000
4261A.J. Jejelowo3340000
4262Yuval Bronshtein2775000
4263Andrew Dean1390000
4264Marcia Topp1700000
4265Amnon Filippi3400000
4266Jamie Robbins1649000
4267Michael Esposito3005000
4268Gavin Smith675000
4269Eric Legoff2230000
4361Cylus Watson2700000
4362Nicholas Cushman2540000
4363David ODB Baker1910000
4364Erik Hellman4715000
4365Omar Saeed2040000
4366Marc Ladouceur1480000
4367Stephane Bisson1445000
4368Gaelle Baumann3980000
4369Josh Neufeld1015000
Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event
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