Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

First Feature Table Pot to Sylvia

Over at the ESPN Feature Table, Elisabeth Hille raised to 240,000 from the hijack and Jesse Sylvia defended from the big blind. Both players proceeded to check the {9-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}{9-Hearts} flop, bringing about the {6-Spades} on the turn. Sylvia took the initiative and led out for 340,000, which proved enough to take down the pot as Hille folded her hand.

Elisabeth Hille no 9,515,000 -255,000
Jesse Sylvia us 7,640,000 255,000

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From Around the World for a Game of Cards


The 2011 WSOP Main Event final table was a truly international affair, with a record seven different nationalities represented among the final nine players.

In fact, last year the final 15 players came from 11 different countries — one each from Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Russia, South Africa, and the U.K., and five from the U.S.

This year the final 27 come from seven different countries, with 19 coming from the United States:

Australia (1) — David Balkin
Canada (1) — Marc Ladouceur
France (1) — Gaelle Baumann
Germany (3) — Wilfried Haerig, Jan Heitmann, Nicco Maag
Hungary (1) — Andras Koroknai
Norway (1) — Elisabeth Hille
U.S. (19) — Jeremy Ausmus, Scott Abrams, Jacob Balsiger, Yuval Bronshtein, Robert Buckenmayer, Robert Corcione, Michael Esposito, Steven Gee, Roland Israelashvili, Percy Mahatan, Greg Merson, Jamie Robbins, Robert Salaburu, Daniel Strelitz, Jesse Sylvia, Russell Thomas, Paul Volpe, Cylus Watson, Danny Wong

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Shuffle Up and Deal!

• Tase 30: 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante

Jack Effel briefly welcomed the players and instructed the dealers to, "Shuffle up and deal." The cards are in the air here in the Amazon Room, and we pick up action with one hour and 37 minutes remaining in Level 30.


The 2012 WSOP Final Table Will Be Determined Here on Day 7!

Marc Ladouceur
Marc Ladouceur

Nine long days are done, but there’s still one more to go in the 2012 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event before the final nine is determined. What started with 6,598 players is down to 27, all seeking a coveted spot at the final table. The man best positioned to claim a spot is Marc Ladouceur, who emerged as the chip leader on Day 6 with 15.875 million.

Sharing the same dreams and aspirations as the Canadian chip leader are an eclectic mix of players. Greg Merson gas already proved himself this summer by taking down Event #57 $10,000 No-Limit Hold-em—Six Handed for $1,136,197. If Merson, who currently sits in seventh place on the 2012 WSOP Player of the Year Leaderboard, does make the final table, he’ll earn enough to surpass Phil Ivey atop the said leaderboard and be positioned to capture those honors headed into the WSOP-Europe. Talk about extra motivation.

Likewise, Roland Israelashvili sits in 63rd place on the leaderboard, so either a second or first place finish in the Main Event would put him in the top stop; likewise, victories by either Yuval Bronshtein or Jeremy Ausmus would vault them to the top of the POY standing. While that would certainly be great, it’d no doubt be the cherry on top of having won poker’s most prestigious event.

There are also a couple other storylines that has everyone talking. Among the final 27 players are two women, Gaelle Baumann or Elisabeth Hille of France and Norway respectively. Each are looking to be the first female to make the Main Event table for the first time since Barbara Enright did so back in 1995, the first and only time a woman has ever accomplished the feat. In another regard, the question lingers as to whether or not Jamie Robbins can best his eleventh-place finish in the 2009 Main Event?

All of the questions marks and speculation will become clear by day’s end as 18 players will be sent home short of their goal. Action is set to recommence at 1 PM PST, which is about 40 minutes from now. We’ll begin with the remaining hour and thirty-seven minutes of Level 30, and then play down to a final table. There’s no telling how long it might take, but action won’t stop until we get there. Join us then as we bring you all the action and eliminations en route to the 2012 WSOP Main Event final table!

Day 7 Seating Assignments, Chip Counts and Stats

TableSeatPlayerChip CountsLive Tournament Earnings
4101Greg Merson7,435,000$1,319,704
4102Jesse Sylvia7,385,000$23,777
4103Percy Mahatan6,750,000$0
4104Jamie Robbins8,750,000$1,017,987
4105Wilfried Harig2,665,000$129,051
4106Cylus Watson8,500,000$61,941
4107Elisabeth Hille9,770,000$0
4108David Balkin6,330,000$1,256
4109Marc Ladouceur15,875,000$177,531
4141Daniel Strelitz12,790,000$26,641
4142Russell Thomas9,985,000$126,796
4143Jacob Balsiger7,330,000$3,884
4144Jan Heitmann6,390,000$488,141
4145Michael Esposito7,045,000$172,806
4146Robert Buckenmayer4,410,000$7,379
4147Roland Israelashvili5,525,000$1,359,818
4148Scott Abrams8,080,000$57,497
4149Nicco Maag1,300,000$0
4161Andras Koroknai3,125,000$1,841,013
4162Steven Gee4,830,000$498,422
4163Danny Wong6,360,000$1,823,615
4164Paul Volpe2,650,000$152,708
4165Robert Salaburu10,915,000$42,411
4166Jeremy Ausmus8,300,000$427,145
4167Gaelle Baumann6,295,000$37,190
4168Yuval Bronshtein9,735,000$672,753
4169Robert Corcione8,745,000$166,238
Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event
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