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Georges St-Pierre Looks To Avoid Getting KO'd in the WSOP Main Event

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Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre, or "GSP" as he is often known, makes a living by knocking people out. The 31-year-old is considered by many to be the greatest welterweight fighter in the world right now, and one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet. He is currently in the midst of recovering from an ACL injury that is sidelining him for 10 months, so he came to the Rio today to try to knock out some more people, only this time on the felt.

St-Pierre holds an impressive 22-2 record in the Octagon with his only losses coming to Matt Hughes by submission and Matt Serra by TKO. He later went on to avenge both of those losses, defeating Hughes twice and knocking out Serra just one year after their first fight. Before his injury late last year, St-Pierre was riding a nine-fight win streak.

St-Pierre currently holds the UFC Welterweight title. While he's injured, Carlos Condit holds the Interim title. These two will face off on November 17, 2012 for the undisputed title. But until then, St-Pierre is enjoying some time at the poker table. He started us off today by saying the greatest words in poker, "Shuffle up and deal!"

When asked how much poker he's played, GSP said "I'm new to the game. It's just a hobby of mine and I recently discovered it. I like it a lot, but I still have a lot to learn."

When speaking of the similarities between fighting and poker, GSP commented, "Yeah there are definitely a few similarities, but I think the biggest one for me is controlling your emotions. When you are at the table you have to be calm and leave your ego behind, and it's just like that when you are fighting."

Kristy Arnett caught up with GSP to chat a bit and you can check out that video below.

PokerNews will be sure to keep our eye on St-Pierre as he tries to earn himself another title while knocking out anyone who stands in his way, without using his fists of course.

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