Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

3Bet Poker Clothing Signs More Pros!

3Bet is thrilled to announce that David "Doc" Sands and Greg "FBT" Mueller have joined 3Bet's growing roster of top professionals who wear 3Bet exclusively at the tables.

The full online store (www.3Bet.us) features comfortable, stylish, and high quality hats, hoodies, tees, and more designed by 30-year veterans in the clothing industry specifically with poker players and fans in mind. In fact, their team of pros have helped consult on many designs and patterns, so the 3Bet line is a result of the combination of the best minds in poker working closely with the best minds in the fashion industry.

3Bet was prominently featured at the 1Drop Final Table, and you can find all their pros wearing 3Bet at the WSOP this year and at all major poker events in the future. If you're at the Rio, stop by their booth and say hello!

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