Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Hand #72: Andras Koroknai

[user101598] • Tase 36: 250,000-500,000, 50,000 ante

Jeremy Ausmus had the button. Andras Koroknai opened to 1.025 million from under the gun, Jake Balsiger called from the cutoff, and the button and blinds released. The flop fell {7-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{8-Hearts}, and Koroknai led for 1.2 million. Balsiger called.

The turn was the {q-Clubs}, Koroknai checked, and Balsiger checked behind.

The {a-Diamonds} completed the board, and Koroknai led for 2.65 million. Balsiger folded, and Koroknai raked in the pot.

Märksõnad: Andras KoroknaiJake Balsiger