WSOP National Championship

Ippolito Wins Big Pot To Bust Woodke


"Are you from Pokernews? You may want to come look at this we have a massive pot going." These were the words from Mitch Schock, so we followed him to his table to take a look. When we got to the table, here's what we saw.

The flop had come down {4-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{6-Hearts}, and there were a ton of bets on the table. Stein had a pink T5,000 chip in front that we later figured out was a bet of around 3,500. Drew Woodke had raised it up to 7,500, and Peter Ippolito had put out a massive bet that was essentially an all in. Stein was in the tank when we arrived, and he eventually released his hand. Action was on Woodke now, and after about 30 seconds of thought, he slid the rest of his chips forward for the call.

Ippolito: {6-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}
Woodke: {k-Diamonds}{6-Spades}

It was a pretty sick cooler for Woodke, as his top two pair was drawing very thin to Ippolito's set of sixes. The turn and river brought no miracles, coming the {a-Clubs} and {7-Diamonds}. After the dust settled, Stein said that he folded the nut flush draw {a-Hearts}{7-Hearts}.

After that hand, Ippolito is one of our chip leaders, with 57,000.

Mängija Žetoonid Progress
Peter Ippolito us
Peter Ippolito
us 57,000 27,000
Drew Woodke us
Drew Woodke
us Välja kukkunud

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