WSOP National Championship

Weber Doubles Through Baker; Moorman Gone

Chris Moorman on Day 1.
Chris Moorman on Day 1.

We didn't catch the action, but we do know that Matthew Weber just doubled through David "ODB" Baker. The latter's cards escaped us due to a quick dealer, but we did see Weber held {K-Spades}{8-Clubs} on an {8-Spades}{10-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} board.

Meanwhile, Chris Moorman was eliminated over at Table 2.

David ODB Baker us 180,000 -32,000
Matthew Weber 60,000 30,500
Chris Moorman gb Välja kukkunud

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"You've Got Two Buttons"

• Tase 16: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Brian Rast was the last player to arrive at his seat today. As he sat down Allen Kessler said, "Is this your dream that I'm on your left?"

"I'm sure he wasn't dreaming about you," Chris Tryba said from the nearby table.

"You've got two buttons each time, " David "ODB" Baker chimed in as well.

Rast smiled and started stacking his chips.

Shuffle Up and Deal!

• Tase 16: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Cards are in the air for Day 2.


Day 2 of National Championship Has Rast, ElkY & Keikoan Leading

Could this be Aaron Massey's breakout performance?
Could this be Aaron Massey's breakout performance?

Day 2 of the WSOP National Championship is slated to begin shortly with 39 returning players. The top ten chip counts is a who's who of both the WSOP POY and WSOPC Leaderboards. Topping them all is Brian Rast who will be returning with 248,000.

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Matt Keikoan are close on his heels. WSOPC standouts Drazen Ilich, Aaron Massey and Justin Gardenhire aren't letting the WSOP POY qualifiers run away it.

Notables David “ODB” Baker, Eugene Katchalov, Sam Stein, Fabrice Soulier, Chris Tryba and Chris Moorman, Amanda Musumeci, Ryan Eriquezzo, Chris Conrad, Jamie Kerstetter, Huy Nguyen and Jacob Naquin are all in the field.

The plan is to play down to a televised final table of eight players that will air on ESPN August 7th. Hopefully, ten 60-minute levels will get the job done. Follow all the National Championship live on

Day 2 Seating Chart

Table 1

1Dominic Gabaldon68,000
2Amanda Musumeci138,000
3Arkadiy Tsinis75,000
4Chris Conrad115,500
5Stephen Kats153,500
6Nick Binger37,500
9Huy Quach165,000

Table 2

1Yung Hwang67,500
2Eugene Katchalov141,500
3Josh Tieman115,000
4Chris Moorman65,500
5Jonathan Sorscher154,000
6Joseph Cheong234,500
8Bertrand Grospellier234,500
9Jacob Naquin65,000

Table 3

1Hao Le192,500
2David “ODB” Baker212,000
3Gene Dudek35,500
5Nicolas Fierro29,000
6Aaron Massey207,500
7Mark Bonsack121,000
8Matthew Weber29,500
9David Peters158,500

Table 4

1Sam Stein128,000
2Dejuante Alexander81,000
4Brian Rast248,000
5Allen Kessler67,500
6Nikolas Stone107,500
7Ryan Eriquezzo129,500
8Justin Gardernhire192,000
9Fabrice Soulier89,500

Table 5

1Jerry Monroe160,000
3Mitch Schock130,000
4Matt Keikoan228,500
5Drazen Ilich227,000
6Huy Nguyen78,000
7Paul Sokoloff61,500
8Jamie Kerstetter93,000
9Chris Tryba88,000
WSOP National Championship
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