Event #2: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em

One for de Carbon

Action folded around to Bourcier de Carbon on the button and he put in a raise to 775, which Jean Paul Pasqualini called from the big blind. The {J-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{K-Spades} flop saw Pasqualini lead out for a modest 400, de Carbon call, and the {4-Spades} turn.

This time Pasqualini checked, and de Carbon sprung to life with a bet of 1,000. It proved enough to get the job done as Pasqualini gave up on the hand.

Žetoonide seisud
Jean Paul Pasqualini 15,000 -3,000

Märksõnad: Bourcier de CarbonJean Paul Pasqualini


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