Event #2: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em

Eights Get the Job Done for George

William Esmingeaud was all in preflop holding {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs} and racing against the {8-Spades}{8-Hearts} of Gil George. The {9-Clubs}{K-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} flop was no help to Esmingeaud, but the {7-Clubs} turn did give him a flush draw. Much to George's delight, the {4-Hearts} blanked on the river and he sent Esmingeaud home in 49th place.

Meanwhile, a short-stacked Jasper Vanvlasselaer was eliminated in 48th place.

Žetoonide seisud
Gil George us 65,000 36,600
William Esmingeaud FR Välja kukkunud
Jasper Vanvlasselaer BE Välja kukkunud

Märksõnad: Jasper VanvlasselaerWilliam EsmingeaudGil George


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