Event #5: €10,450 Mixed Max - No-Limit Hold'em

Cantu Scores Huge Double

Brandon Cantu

2,000/4,000, 500

Martin Jacobson had the button. He raised to an unknown amount. Brandon Cantu three-bet to 26,000 only to have Jacobson come back over the top with a four-bet to 52,000. Cantu stood up from the table, counted his chips, and then announced that he was all in. Jacobson called and the hands were revealed to be racing:

Cantu: {J-Diamonds}{J-Spades}
Jacobson: {A-Clubs}{K-Diamonds}

The board fell {9-Hearts}{Q-Spades}{8-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{9-Spades} and Cantu's pocket jacks were able to hold. The match is now close to where it started in terms of chip distribution between the players.

Žetoonide seisud
Brandon Cantu us 805,000 277,500
Martin Jacobson se 262,500 -277,500

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